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ZodiacBy now most people have heard about the zodiac shift.  Because of slow changes in the Earth’s rotation over the past x-number of years, the dates that used to correspond to the astrological signs that everyone is familiar with have changed—some by several days, some by over a month.  There’s even a new addition: Ophiuchus, the snake-holder.

Astrologers are going to have a fun time explaining this one to their clients.  The people who have read horoscopes for years and always thought that all those short, daily paragraphs in their morning papers summed them up completely must be feeling as though their zodiacal walls are crumbling around them.

How can the horoscope enthusiasts possibly explain their rationale now?  All those little wisdom-filled blurbs that fit so perfectly and could so clearly be applied to their everyday lives came from the wrong horoscope entries.  Some people’s entries were even missing altogether!  Could it be that all of this star sign swapping will bring about the downfall of modern horoscopes and astrology once and for all?  Probably not, but at least it might finally snap a few people out of it.

On a side note, until I looked it up, I wasn’t sure how to pronounce the name of the new zodiac sign, and I’d been saying it the way I thought it looked.  When I finally found the correct pronunciation on Dictionary.com (as well as several other sources) I thought it sounded weird.  Apparently the phonetic pronunciation is [of-ee-YOO-kuhs], or [oh-fee-YOO-kuhs].  I personally prefer the way I thought it sounded, which was [oh-FAHY-uh-kuhs], with the second syllable stressed and rhyming with the word “eye”.  I suppose I’ll be saying it correctly from now on, even if it sounds funny.

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For as long as there have been reasons for people to conspire for mutual interest, there have been those who would suspect others of conspiracy.  I think that the reason conspiracy theorists often garner attention in today’s world is because in the event that the plots that they claim exist are exposed, said exposures would be in the public interest.  Does that mean that a conspiracy theorist, in his or her simplest form, is an advocate (albeit a potentially crazed one) for the freedom of information?

Lets use a fictional example.  Certain toiletry companies come to a private agreement that they will all add a chemical to their toothpastes that causes tooth sensitivity.  They have therefore created a need for a new (and potentially expensive) product that they can market to combat the very same sensitivity.  If this conspiracy were to be unmasked, the responsible parties would be brought to justice and the public would benefit by no longer consuming tainted products.

Sometimes I think conspiracy theorists want conspiracies to exist, and that nothing but exposure will satisfy them.  So what happens when a suspected conspiracy is, in fact, nothing but conjecture?  The person hunting for answers will likely be hunting forever.  Time for another example.  Some people believe that proof of extra terrestrial activity is being covered up and kept at Area 51.  Let’s assume that Area 51 is nothing more than a research and development facility for military projects and so forth, and that no extra terrestrial business has ever gone on there.  Area 51 representatives will deny claims that they have covered up anything alien-related because they have no choice but to deny; it is the truth.  But since they are involved in top secret government projects, they can’t exactly open their doors to prove anything.  To conspiracy theorists, a denial is simply fodder for suspicion, and will accomplish nothing.  Even if Area 51 were to throw open their doors and start giving tours of the place, the theorists would just assume further plotting — a cover-up of a cover-up: that all the evidence has been moved to another location, or some such assumption.

What I’m getting at is that for people with adamant suspicions of conspiracy, no explanation but their fabricated truth is good enough.  If what they believe is not, in reality, true at all, they’ll never be satisfied.

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A Notebook . . . on the Internet

This is strictly a place to write and practice writing-related things — spelling, grammar, ideas, brainstorming, critiques, reviews, typing speed, overcoming writer’s block, whatever.  It is a notebook . . . on the Internet.  With that in mind, I don’t really care too much about the appearance of the blog.   I want the text to show up on the screen and be organized by date.  That’s all.  It’s just meant to be a notebook after all.  If I have spare time I’ll mess around with the appearance and theme settings, but again, this is for improving writing skills, not design skills.

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