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As most of you no doubt have heard, Facebook
founder Mark Zuckerberg was recently married.
Preparations for the ceremony were kept tightly
under wraps, and measures were taken to
protect the privacy of those who attended.
What incredible irony is this, that Mr.
Zuckerberg and company should be entitled to
privacy whenever they want it, while the rest
of us must suffer our personal information to
be harvested like so much ripe fruit?
Facebook’s data gathering tactics can be
somewhat circumvented, but not everyone knows
how. Some would suggest abstinence from
Facebook services, but really, that’s not quite
enough. It takes a bit of effort, and a fair
amount of irritation. But even then, who’s to
confirm that we’ve really got all our bases
covered in the fight for privacy? Newer and
more clandestine methods of surveilling end-user
activity always seem to turn up after already
having been active for some time. So when
someone shows he actually believes in privacy,
yet still, for all intents and purposes, forces
divulgence upon others, is that not hypocrisy?

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